No- I like- I had strong reasons behind it, okay? [laughs hard then claps my hand] I love, love, love that movie. We have to. Wanna get snacks before we go?

[Raises my eyebrows, wiggling them a little] Okaaaaay, whatever you say. And yes, we need to. To the junk food room we go. [Starts walking towards it]


Trust me, you don’t wanna know. [shakes my head] It is but we can definitely watch one together. Something sad or funny because either way I’ll probably end up laying against your shoulder, choking on my words. [laughs]

[Gasps, laughing a little] Were you trying to watch porn? I’m thru. Same here, though. [Thinks for a second] How about John Tucker Must Die, I love that movie.


[shakes my head] Nothing, really. I was in the midst of preparing to watch a movie but eh. What are you up to?

Ooo, what movie? I wanna watch, even if you were planning on not doing it anymore. Literally nothing now, it’s actually saddening if you think about it.

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#Heybooskie. Wassup?


This is gonna end badly for me. [slowly climbs onto the railing] Oh shit, oh shit.. [shuts my eyes quickly and jumps down, swims up to the surface gasping for air]

[Smiles, swimming over to you] That was fun. I honestly thought I was going to hit the concrete.


(Looks at them, trying to fight back a smile and nods) Do you… Do you remember where you got them? (Looks up at you) F-for my sister !

[Smiles before twisting my lips to the side, trying to think] I think I got them offline from that online personal shopper place. Just Fab. I’m pretty sure..